Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company
Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Another concept for energy companies to consider is OTEC. Using familiar deepwater production facility technologies, Binary ORC power generation (used in waste heat and geothermal energy developments), and significant cost reductions over the past ten years, this energy solution is timely to be considered. Clean, persistent renewable energy that is environmentally sustainable.

  • Equatorial regions often have challenges with implementing Solar PV (cloud cover) or Wind Power (low wind speeds);
  • Fortunately there are two other potential renewable energy sources: Geothermal (along plate boundaries) or Ocean Thermal  Energy Conversion (OTEC) – both using temperature differentials between fluids in Binary ORC turbine expander power generators;
  • In the case of OTEC, this is the temperature difference between surface seawater (~25-30°C) and deepwater (~4-5°C @ 1000m); Significant technical work and pilot projects over the past couple of decades combined with recent technology advances and cost  reductions means that 50-100 MW OTEC units could provide clean persistent energy for some island and coastal nations
Left side image :Deepwater moored floating facility, large diameter cold water inlet pipe @1000m, warm surface seawater inlet, heat exchangers with closed system working fluid Binary ORC power generation, high voltage power cables to shore
Right side image: Potential good OTEC locations with warm surface seawater and
cold deepwater

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