Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company
Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company

Carbon Capture (CCUS)

  • Carbon based fuels are a major source of carbon emissions whether for power generation or transportation.  There are other sources of GHG emissions including agriculture and land clearance.
  • Capturing carbon emissions at source is an obvious target since it is relatively easy to capture more concentrated local emissions. 
  • Utilising these emissions is possible with some technologies (e.g. combining CO2 with H2 to make methanol), but most applications are to collect and concentrate the CO2 and transport it to storage locations
  • Depleted oil & gas reservoirs are attractive storage locations and major projects are being progressed in the UK and Norwegian North Sea using these reservoirs for CO2 storage. •Another application is to use captured CO2 for injection downhole to support Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations which reduces the need to drill as many new wells – useful until renewables can be more scaled up.

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