Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company
Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company

Tidal Stream Energy

  • The ocean contains a lot of energy in waves and tidal streams.  Intermittency may be reduced with persistent energy driven by winds, the Sun, gravity, the Earth’s rotation, density, and temperature.
  • Analogous to wind turbines in the air, there are a range of technical solutions in the ocean to similarly  capture the energy associated with moving fluid.
  • Water density is ~850 times air density, and the power density varies with the cube of the velocity, so submerged turbines could achieve the same power densities as wind turbines at only 10% of the fluid velocity.
  • Over 250 no. solutions have been developed and studied in academic and pilot projects.  A recent large scale project called MeyGen, offshore Scotland, is scaling up now to 398 MW; Costs are still somewhat higher than other renewables, but technology is advancing and costs are reducing.  Again as part of a more resilient energy mix, this solution.

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