Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company
Pakistan's First Alternate Energy Technology Company


  • Literally beneath our feet is an incredible source of heat energy called Geothermal Energy.  Over 99% of the Earth is over 100degC.  Within reasonable well drilling depths (down to~5000m) it is possible to find locations with geothermal temperature gradients over 35-40 degC/km.
  • Geothermal heat comes from (1) volcanic/magmatic sources along plate boundaries, or (2) abnormally high heat flow from thinner crust areas, or (3) granitic igneous intrusions.  This heat is contained in either (1)  hydrothermal reservoirs in sedimentary or fractured hard rock; or (2) in the rock itself.  The heat is captured for use by circulating either existing reservoir fluids or using surface fluids with production and injection wells (potentially repurposed, end of life oil & gas wells in some locations). 
  • Back at the surface the heat can be used with a range of power generation facilities:  (1) high enthalpy Dry Steam or Flash; or (2) low to medium enthalpy Binary ORC.
  • Geothermal energy is a clean, persistent, dispatchable renewable energy.

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